The Iran Nuclear Deal

Is the nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran a good or bad deal? Would it be harder or easier for Iran to develop nuclear weapons?

Detroit In Ruins!

Here’s What a Gun Silencer Really Sounds Like

Would gun silencers make any difference in mass shootings? Last February, The Daily Signal traveled to the National Rifle Association to learn about gun silencers, also known as suppressors. Watch the video to hear the same firearms being fired both with and… Continue Reading →

Here Are The Actual Federal Laws Regulating Machine Guns In The U.S.

Under federal law, private citizens are banned from owning machine guns made after 1986, and all fully automatic weapons must be registered with ATF. Source: Here Are The Actual Federal Laws Regulating Machine Guns In The U.S. – The Federalist

What Happened When Government Tried to Fix a Coal Town

When Ben Larrabee heard about a new government-funded job training program for the digital age that promised to turn “coal country” into “code country,” he stopped looking for other jobs.

“Common Sense” Gun Control Debunked!

Buzzwords like “assault weapon” and “semi-automatic” seem to be all the rage. But what do they mean? More importantly, what do the people pushing for “common sense” gun control and weapon bans think they mean?

The Left’s Intimidation Tactics Against Conservative Opinion

Many conservative Americans live in legitimate fear that if they speak out, they will endure severe consequences. Source: The Left’s Intimidation Tactics Against Conservative Opinion

DACA Was Only One Part of Obama’s Seizure of Congressional Power

The DACA program was started when on November 20, 2014 President Obama issued an Executive Order.  It’s important to note that the US Constitution does not allow any president to set immigration policy.  Since the DACA EO was directed to… Continue Reading →

Black Leaders Should Focus on Lifting People Out of Poverty, Not Purging Statues

Many blacks and their white liberal allies demand the removal of statues of Confederate generals and the Confederate battle flag, and they are working up steam to destroy the images of Gens. Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee and President… Continue Reading →

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